"We need each other, we need kindred souls who sooth the growing pains with kindness and understanding, Life's treasures are unwrapped by those around us. We are better together."

I'm not the kind of artist who controls every detail. Most creatives have the tool of perfectionism, I do not. I throw my brush around the page outlining the basic image. That is enough for me. I love the process too much to hide it away with a finished product.

Here is the next part of my unfinished, imperfect, growing up story.

- Mrs Jones

Odd socks, burned toast, grazed elbows and lopsided haircuts: These are the remnants of a life lived to the fullest
— Kinfolk, The Imperfect Issue

Created by Amanda Jones

Models / Holly Harper & Elizabeth Brimage

Assistant Director / Vashti Latu