I'm a huge fan of Andy Warhol. Mostly his innovation. I am fascinated by the way he connected a community of passionate creatives around his work. I am inspired by his focus to just keep making art regardless of how it is received. And of course, we are all baffled at the mass extent of his influence even to this day. 

Andy harnessed the power of fame. He made celebrities accessible, like you could really know them. Celebrities flocked to him because he was gracious in how he portrayed their image. Somehow making them glamorous and human all at once.  


In late 1969 Andy started a publication called Interview Magazine which is still being published today. Here are some of my favourite covers with iconic celebrities in their time.

- Mrs Jones

bianca_interview mag_the honest jones
meryl_interview mag_the honest jones.jpg
january_interview mag_the honest jones
charlotte_interview mag_the honest jones