The Microwave Jenny


I recently had the honor of joining team Microwave Jenny. A small tribe of "fairies" (as penned by MJ herself) who creatively collaborated  to bring to life this mysterious and kooky creature to life. 

My role was more of a cherry on top, creating the "insta-GIFs" from the artworks of Bonnie Gray and Tess Guinery's designs. 

The creature herself is a magician of words. Her kooky prose of ridiculousness will literally make you lol. As you delve into the cosmic universe that is the mind of Microwave Jenny, you will find yourself in situations you never dreamed of (but can strangely relate to) Don't believe me? Here is a little snippet from her about The Honest Jones: 

The Honest Jones, Amanda is like a svelte rhythmic gymnast from circa 1972. She layers her body with thrifty finds that others dare not investigate, dons clear grandfatherly frames in a nod to pseudo-creative-intellectualism that she could happily embody yet needn’t be categorized into, and gathers young protégés around her as she effortlessly and graciously teaches others the art of simply being a creative fairy. Amanda is to blame for themicrowavejenny epilepsy-inducing GIFs floating around cyberspace, but she is a filmmaker, art director and professional fairy-light artisan in her down time.


We heart you Microwave Jenny. Happy cosmic travels!  

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