the Artists' Cycle

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Deep down every artist knows that the art they make happens through them. That it comes to them in some way and it can't really belong to them in the way that a pen does. It may spend a time dancing with their soul and taking life from their crafting hands, but they know it must eventually go from them. We finish a work and worry we'll never make anything good ever again. Because if we are honest, we know we don't have full claim to the credit or the failures.

Lately I've been looking to my own hands for hidden gold in what I HAVE been given, rather than looking discontently to what I have not. I have many relationships, tools, time, ideas, materials and spaces that are waiting for my attention and love. I am finding refreshment in being grateful. Not putting unbearable pressures on my own creative mind to come up with brilliance from nothing. I remember that I have already been given so much.

- Mrs Jones

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