The Byron Bay Disco is the name we gave our creative escapade to Byron Bay. Disco is a phrase adopted when four creative entities come together: Alex Carlyle Photography, Sharee Gray Style, Tess Guinery Design and of course The Honest Jones studio (repp'ed this trip by Amanda Jones, Mary Martin and Vashti Latu) 

The brand Le Buns was the reason we were in Byron. We received the first email from Le Buns on our last night in Hollywood. As our creative tour of California was ending, we had the feeling that we could take on the world. So when Le Buns brief came through I decided it needed to be shot on location in Byron Bay. And happily, Le Buns agreed!

We collaborated with the incredible Byron Beach Abodes for our location, as well as adventured out into the lush rainforest to find our own private water hole.

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