We hired out a heritage listed rehearsal space in the heart of Brisbane city for this shoot. Elska lugged her harp up 8 flights of stairs because the antique style lift was out of order. With the purpose of capturing a harpist in a completely "non-classical" way we shot for 4 hours as the sun came down low through the barred city windows. 

I was meeting Elska for the first time, but her warm smile and willingness to move her limbs around made my job easy. There is always unique relationship between the person capturing and the person being captured...there's a huge element of vulnerability. Elska met this head on and was up for all the creative directions we threw at her.

The mood of this film had already been set by a stunning set of branding by Tess Guinery, which had been drawn and elaborated from by stylist Sharee Gray. Their work is so full of genius that I wanted to bring it right into the film. For example, using the blush colours that Tess had carefully selected as our underlying foundation and letting it peep through as the footage cuts in and out.

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