A morning with the Guinery tribe starts early. Us Jones' had been guests in the Guinery's rainbow shack for the long weekend and every morning we had awoke with the first light of the day to find Tess & two year old Peaches dressed and ready to adventure out the door. The morning would then be filled with coconut smoothies, walks down the lane, hot coffee and some form of salt water.

This particular day we had retrieved our coffee extra early & were excited for the huge day of shooting we had ahead of us. We were to shoot the cover of issue #2 of e-mag Lagoon to the Moon. With the team of savvy creatives (Emma of Flora & Mineral, Jamin Binning and Cherie Allan) yet to arrive , we wandered down their lane and "collected" extra tropical blooms and bright palms for the shoot.

I was blissful in my happy place, having Tess all to myself for a few precious moments.

And then things got very tropical! It was a case of "more is more" for Lagoon land. We started with the neon tube lagoon logo and sky blue walls, adding layers and layers of green leafy palms, kissed with the brightest florals of the rainforest. Not stopping there, we began to hang pieces from the ceiling and move every plant in the house below the sign!

If you read the e-mag you will know that I temporarily got stuck in the window trying to get a shot...embarrassing but true.

The shoot ended sitting around bowls of hummus and chips and some truly honest and beautiful conversation about our experiences being in the freelance creative biz.

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