The Jones' believe in making art with your own two hands. So much of our home runs on our made up DIY projects. The earlier the project can start "from scratch" the better. (Lately this philosophy has also found its way into our cooking, but more on that in future posts)

After studying dance for 3 years I needed something more; another angle to create from. I've wanted to make films since I was 12 so I set about applying to film schools... I think I applied for every film course in Sydney and I got accepted at more than a few. But in amongst all the film school applications I rather randomly went for an interview at Whitehouse Institute which is know for its fashion and design courses, but definitely not filmmaking. Well they offered me a place on the spot. And by some whirlwind I suddenly ended up in drawing and model making classes instead of sitting behind a camera or in an edit suite! It was a bit of a shock, but I very quickly fell utterly in love with making things with my hands.

My work now includes being behind a camera sometimes, but I am so grateful that I didn't go straight to being a filmmaker. I am thankful for all the wonderful tactile skills I picked up while studying drawing, colour theory and set building. I'm grateful that I get to make words out of lentils or drip wax all over a piano...and call it work!

So get those creative hands moving! Make art with your day! At the very least the soothing, therapeutic affect will do you some good.

- Mrs Jones


Images beautifully captured by Alex Carlyle photography