when you definitely need like at least ten minutes...


We can always feel it. When we've been working hard, consistently for a long time and your mind is getting fuzzy...we know its time for a break. Whether this is just a ten minute tea break in a days work or a day off during the week...taking breaks are what help us recharge. And if we don't take that break, our body will start to let us know about it. Then eventually it will force us to take that break...otherwise known as "the crash"  


Taking a break can be a simple matter of changing your actions.


I once heard a creative mentor of mine talk about "aesthetic distance". She described this as "pulling back to get the whole picture". I loved this idea. What a refreshing action for a creative mind that has been zeroing in on the details of a project.


The creative process can be a strain on our mind and emotions and sometimes even cause damage. A lot of people choose to create out of that damage. I have totally felt this temptation. It isn't always easy to prioritise your health over creating...especially as a young, passionate creative. But I have learnt that it is possible to create big and marvellous things, without killing yourself in the process.


So take a break.  


Photos from the "Growing Up is Tough, But You Can Do It" series

Model / Elizabeth Brimage