It seems quite fitting to start this blog of ours here, with the work of two people who appear to inspire me the most. Even from the other side of earth Andrew and Carissa Gallo have won me over time and time through their short films for Kinfolk, their gentle instagram feeds (Andrew and Carissa) and now a stunning new film, Pilgrim, which was released online yesterday. (it should be noted here that you absolutely MUST view this film on the largest screen possible and not a mobile...the utterly game changing design of the site is an experience tied to the film itself.) 

As I viewed the film for the first time I felt the familiarity of a childhood bestie who I knew and loved, while ultimately bringing something entirely new to my soul. And honestly, I did not want it to end. It gracefully draws out the nomadic heart in us all. Seachant seems to be immune to cheesy storytelling moments. 

It is in our ancestors shoulders that we ride when we roam.
— Pilgrim

From the music by La Liberte (who I was lucky enough to work with on my film The Sunrise Girl) to the poetry written by Nikaela, but mostly the CINEMATOGRAPHY. Who can help but fall in love with the wide desert landscapes, not me.

I need to say one more thing about the game changing website-film experience... and that is to credit the developers, Camp Quiet. After quickly checking out ALL of their portfolio (35 websites total) it was clear these guys are experts of seamless interactive website design. My favourites being A Study in Time Travel and Switzerland. They definitely have me dreaming up new website ideas...what do you say Mr Jones?

-Mrs Jones