THESE days

I want to remember these days.

These emptier days that sit in the wake of leaving my safe, steady job that I loved, but had become too comfortable. Abandoning the old before the new arrives. And the new will arrive.

A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.
— Frank Herbert

It is easy to feel like a fuzzy haired dreamer who has no clue what she's doing (which might be very true). But I'm determined to remember these days, and to know that they are the just the beginning and aren't here to stay.

So here they are, rather pleasantly. I have the sunshine and birds keeping me company. And beyond that, the blue of the sky and the ocean. I make tea or potter around my garden plants in between writing uncomfortable "here I am, hire me" emails. There may be no money for spending, but we have lost the hunger for spending anyway. We are happy, and last nights laughter is still on my lips. We feel the love that gets breathed on us everyday by our family and friends. We feel God's big happy heart towards us. 

Bigger days, louder days are coming - so I want to make sure I am not wishing away this quiet one.

- Mrs Jones