Recently (and to be honest after a few years of working with brands) we started to have a sneaky suspicion that One Minute Film might benefit from a package designed just for socials. Our full One Minute Films faithfully represent our clients year after year, they are an investment that pays off. But what about the day to day sharing on social media? We know how much brands love to capture their audiences with banging content on the daily!

Our answer, the Everyday packages. A simple way for brands to get tailor made motion magic on their feed every-dang-day.

We decided to test our theories with a petite price that offered a big bundle of tiny films...aka ‘loops’. A bountiful thirty loops and thirty stills to be exact. The deal ALSO included looking after all the details, the model, location, styling and of course capturing behind the scenes!

…And our suspicions were highly confirmed!

You guys were keeeeeen. A few renegade trail blazers signed up to be our first test monkeys and here are some of the results! (important note : we turned these loops into GIFs for the fun of this blog post, the real loops are much shinier!)

If you too are feeling adventurous and ready to never scrounge around for left over content, give us a holler > HERE! < for our current petite prices.
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