Jess came to us needing some case studies for her brand, Collabosaurus. We came up with a plan to shoot 4 of her clients in the eternally divine Mr & Mrs White showroom. It was such a hoot! The One Minute Films were then used to super charge her marketing campaign with authentic conversations of how Collabosaurus works.

Embracing the good ol' power of hind sight, we reminisced with Jess about what it was like making her One Minute Films...

Hi Jess, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! 

We would love to introduce everyone to yourself and Collabosaurus — can you give us a snapshot what it looks like today, how it has grown and maybe a bit about how you founded it from your laptop?!

Hi! Yes of course. So I’m Jess, and I founded Collabosaurus after working in fashion PR and seeing the enormous marketing opportunities in brand collaborations that were being missed by small businesses! Building effective brand partnerships is one of the most powerful ways to grow,  just look at Benefit x Quay, Spotify x Uber, or TimTam x Gelato Messina. Unfortunately, brand collaborations can be increidbly time consuming and it’s difficult to know what opportunities are out there because it’s all about ‘who you know.’

Collabosaurus today is the matchmaker for over 6000+ brands like ASOS, Topshop, Olay, Channel 10 and Sofitel. We connect complementary businesses for clever marketing collaborations in social media, products and events. At the moment I’m splitting my time between Sydney, LA & New York as we’re starting to expand - but we’ve come a long way since we first started working together! It’s amazing to think that our first one minute film was years ago.

In our minds, the Collabosaurus One Minute Films were one of our most successful projects, you seemed to really know exactly what you wanted in the films, is that how you remember it?

They’re pretty schnazzy aren’t they? I remember feeling pretty disorganised haha but I’m so glad I came across effortlessly cool and knowing exactly what I wanted (is that how you remember it? haha) I was so so grateful for your guidance on the day Amanda! You captured the vision perfectly and made sure we got tid bits that I hadn’t thought of.

I think from my perspective I knew the effect I wanted the films to have, and the brand positioning I wanted them to fit within - but the content itself was entirely unscripted so it was always going to be interesting cutting it together.

What was it like making the Collabosaurus One Minute Films? 

The Honest team are incredible! Honestly (pardon the pun) such a dream to work with. You’re cool, calm, collected and you’re not flustered by things that got in our way on the day (such as traffic noise and late arrivals)

What was the biggest hurdle you had to leap over in creating these films, this could be creatively or on the biz side of things?

I think one of the biggest hurdles was the price at the time. We were a super tiny, new startup with little budget to play with. In the long run though, it’s paid off. We have used these videos in so many different contexts and they were a super valuable investment!

Was there anything (good or bad) that surprised you along the way?

Pre-empting the potential traffic noise, you guys organised special sound equipment that made all the difference on the day! That was a nice surprise.

The three One Minute Film’s we created for Collaborasaurus were case studies, why did you choose this style of film for the biz (and did it achieve what you needed them to do)?

Collabosaurus is a software company, but we’re set on acting like a cult consumer brand. We want to engage on a human level with our community and surprise and delight along the way. Collabosaurus is a tricky topic to talk about, especially seeing as not everyone understands what a collaboration marketing campaign is or how it can work for them. So, sharing case study videos was a great way to show off our results and engage on a human level with our audience.

In hind sight what is was your most successful creative decision? (besides hiring The Honest Jones obvs.)

I think selecting the venue to shoot in at Mr & Mrs White was an excellent decision because it was on-brand visually for our films. 

Describe the shoot day and the level of fun / nerves ?

Hahah both fun & nerves were at a 10. We ordered donuts from Woah Nelly and played around with a few concepts, it ran pretty much on time and while I wish I could re-do my own on camera time, everyone else did super well!

Aside from sharing on Instagram and Facebook, where else did your films end up online? Follow up — where do you think was the most successful?

We share these in our email marketing campaigns and case study documents when we’re pitching new business, we use in paid advertising and organically on social media as well. It’s hard to say what works best, I think it depends on the business and community! I suppose they were particularly excellent advertising assets because they help us stand out from the other B2B business softwares.

Do you have any last words of wisdom to brands who might be dreaming up a One Minute Film?

Video is king in the marketing world! The Honest Jones is a fabulous investment I can’t recommend highly enough.

You are always planning your next move, what is the next style of video content you are dreaming of making for Collabosaurus?
I would LOVE to do something creative in storytellling - following two brands and how they went from trying to grow through to making powerful connections and making waves thanks to collaborations.
I’ve also got a new podcast series in the works that I would love to turn live event interviews into podcast and video content - and of course we desperately need new case study videos! Haha all of it.

SO exciting! We are absolutely keen for all of this!

Speaking of, here are the final One Minute Films we’ve been chatting about FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURES :

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