Make + Shoot : Intro to Film

Our best Make + Shoot yet! There was definitely something special in the air of our Intro to Film workshop this weekend. A very brilliant bunch of biz humans who were ready to grow and cheer each other on at the same time! We really are better together. Some favourite moments included a mother and daughter who came together, seeing two brands connect and plan actual biz collaborations, an abundant morning tea feast provided by Berkelo Bakery, many group *laugh out loud* moments and hearing attendees rave about how their new skills will help grow their biz! Such a joy to be a part of such a environment of openness and honesty. We love small biz humans!

Make + Shoot will be back later this year! We have decided to run our local Make + Shoot only twice a year, to give you biz makers the time and space to apply your skills and grow your biz’ creative content. We will aim to give each workshop a different flavour so that brands can always return and receive fresh skills and inspiration! We are excited to grow this small biz community, the future is bright!

Amanda JonesComment