Rebranding One Minute Film

GIF_all logo.gif

Technically speaking this is the first logo that has ever existed for One Minute Film, but after three years of the brand exisiting and developing its own looks and feel — this definitely feels like a rebrand! One Minute Film has grown bigger and reached further in the last three years than I ever could have planned for. What started as me freelancing is now a team of around 5 brilliant humans who give their creative energies towards each One Minute Film. I really wanted to give One Minute Film it’s own ‘legs’ as a brand. It was time for One Minute Film to stand a little taller and a little independent of just me freelancing. SO I approached the incredible Smack Bang Designs squad about creating a full brand suite for One Minute Film! The main goal, to create a signature for every single One Minute Film we make. We are absolutely in love with this cheeky little gal. Every time I see her sign off a film (there are already 4 that are about to enter the world wide web!) I giggle a little bit, absolutely chuffed with the way it represents us so perfectly.

Using the brand style guide created for us by Smack Bang, we’ve also rebuilt our One Minute Film shop! — — ready and willing to welcome many new brands that are in need of a One Minute Film!

Amanda JonesComment