Lamp Eyes

Your eyes are the lamp of your body. When your eyes are unclouded, your whole body is full of LIGHT
— Luke 11:34

I am definitely no painter. But when Tess Guinery says will you come paint your interpretation of a person's experiences on their hands to be say yes yes yes! Mostly because you know that whatever Tess sees in her creative mind in genuinely pure gold. Always open, always vibrant.. this is girl is a delight to collaborate with.

I was thrilled to be given Sophie as my model. I knew Sophie a little through conversations at friend's dinners, but it was lovely to hear more of her story and just hang out with this beautiful person. After much trial and error and a lot of laughter and smoothies...this was the result:



“Sophie had an amazing experience of travelling to Sweden to see her extended family for the first time as a grown up. She talked about interacting and eating with her family and embracing the culture and landscape as a part of herself. I wanted to express the gentle contentment of being with your own family, with your people.”


A concept that grew from the heart of Tess Guinery, "Lamp Eyes" was five artists painting the hands and souls of five models. See Tess' blog post about the experience here.

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