It was a sweet request when Lucy came to us in need of a film for her feature on the STA travel website. I need a "One minute (But actually three minute) film" read the subject bar of the email, followed by "It's gonna be a long email. I'll let you get a coffee..."

This whole deal is extra important because 1. Lucy and I were college besties along with our girl gang from back in the day (we may have road tripped to Byron bay to get tattoos...) and 2. She moved to London 5 years ago to fearlessly pursue her career in music. 

Over the last five years I've been privileged to know some of her many hidden mountain climbing moments that come along with the marvellous doors that have been opened to her... (she has literally performed at BUCKINGHAM PALACE.) I am always so in awe of everything she has achieved and everything she has sacrificed to do so.

So this film is an Ode to our Lucy... dedicated coffee drinker, world traveller, lover of people, connoisseur of the best dining, talented music maker, loyal friend and owner of the worlds best smile!

Unfortunately for me the budget for this project didn't quite allow for me to fly to we rallied some of Lucy's creative friends and her Hubby to capture the every day moments of her world in London. Sneakily threaded with snippets of the Aussie home she has waiting for her back here. 

We love you Lucy!!!

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