A morning with Whole Beings brought out all my childhood wonder. Wonder at the beauty of these two sisters and founders Nat & Elysia and wonder at their vision for early childhood eduction. They welcomed me into their precious classroom that morning, with 6 little people who have been a part of Whole Beings for a few years and know the "flow" of their holistic eduction. Nothing was staged or done for show that was a natural routine of creative play, making orange juice, gardening, gratitude and practising mindfulness. The beauty of what they are achieving is so bright there was no need for posing, I just quietly captured their flow. After, Elysia and I sat in a quiet room and I asked her questions about the movement of holistic education that is so close to her heart. Excerpts from this record conversation made their way into the final film, carrying across the true vision that is the Whole Beings movement.

Amanda JonesComment