an Honest day's work.

"An Honest day's work"

"Sometimes a phrase that is hard to live up to in creativity, when an “Honest days work” doesn’t look like “work” at all, at least not in the traditional sense. The swell of creative work can happen while reading a book, gazing at treetops or letting loose in free movement. Creative work is difficult to define and often appears whimsical or even lazy. But it's this mysterious process that the magic of the creativity makes it's home."

The Honest Jones recently teamed up with Honest studios (a sweet mother and daughter clothing label based in Melbourne) to collaborate creatively between our two crafts, fashion + film.

When the Honest threads arrived we oooh'd and ahhh'd at their beauty. It was clear each stitch had been sewn with love and great care. Drawn by the eternal quest for perfect picnic, Molly and I carried our full baskets down a mountain (really a large hillside) to set up a little paradise cove. We let the flow of creativity take over with no plan or structure, we played. Of course things turned to free movement, with the added delight of extreme slow motion.

The four pockets of film we crafted from the footage feature the word "Honest" in 30 different languages (thank you google translate). I also crafted a collection of still frames, each with "Honest" in a different language, that give a mysterious glimpse into our paradise cove than day.

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