When thinking of Morgan Printing, my immediate thoughts are to the word loveable. Anyone who has worked with them for even the smallest amount of time will know of the warmth and joy that radiates from Tony and Holly Masters (owners of MP). If you follow them on instagram you may have seen a post or two of Tones dancing and Holly lip syncing to their fave pop song while putting in the long hours typical of biz life. It was one of these video posts (the Justin Timberlake one to be specific) that sparked the idea for this One Minute Film. I knew I needed to get Tones dancing to show the personality of Morgan Printing along side the incredible skill that goes into their work. The extra fun part about this shoot was that it was a package deal we like to call The Disco, meaning I was working alongside creative girl gang Tess Guinery, Sharee Gray and Alex Carlyle. In the end it was Tess' encouragement and some 90s hip hop that brought out all the moves and grooves. 

I should also credit the bluesy tunes crafted by Kristian, in the spirit of MP we worked late one night when our minds had gone loopy and reason had left us and somehow a faint hint of my (very pitchy) vocals ended up hidden on this track...don't worry I won't quit my day job.

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